DolenOre Lock & Key

Proudly Serving the Falls for Over 50 Years

At DolenOre Lock & Key, we have a reputation for having the obscure and hard to find key blanks you just can't get anywhere else. When other key cutters and locksmiths don't have it, they'll send you to us.

We provide high quality brass or nickel key blanks (you won't find a cheap aluminum or iron key on our racks), and cut them the old fashioned way; by hand with years of expertly honed skill and properly maintained equipment.

When it comes to locks, we carry the popular big-box store brands such as Kwikset, but also offer the higher quality and more secure locksmith-only brands such as Weiser in both residential and commercial grades.

Locally Owned & Operated

Informally known by our customers as the MONTGOMERY WARDS KEY SHOP for our first forty-seven years of business, we only dusted off our actual company name following the city's purchase and demolition of our beloved little outbuilding in the former STATE ROAD SHOPPING CENTER back in 2008.

When Wards was open, we were a leased department of their company and were required to advertise for them. It was only after moving into our new location that we purchased signage with our own name on it.

The store has been family owned and operated since the mid-eighties. A man by the name of Gus Meyer was Cole National Corporation's District Sales Manager and was awarded full ownership of his home location when the company pulled funding from physical stores to focus on inventory distribution. He continued running the place independently until 1997 when his son, Steve Meyer took over for him as the manager.

Steve purchased the company from his father in 2000, and continues to operate the store to this day. Two of his sisters and one brother have worked in the shop with Gus and Steve.

Address & Hours

2453 State Rd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Monday10 - 5
Tuesday10 - 5
Wednesday10 - 5
Thursday10 - 5
Friday10 - 5

What Else We Offer


Our service area covers all of Cuyahoga Falls, North Hill and the valley in Akron, Monroe Falls, Silver Lake and parts of Stow.

We are currently accepting residential and light commercial service work. Our current services include: new lock installation, rekeying or setting up a master key system for existing locks as well as basic maintenance of your existing locks. Within Cuyahoga Falls we also offer residential lockout services (sorry, no automotive or safe work).

All of our labor is guaranteed for a full year. If anything related to human error goes wrong, from the knob coming loose to the whole cylinder falling apart on the floor, we will come out and make the repairs absolutely free.


A carry-over from our days with Wards, we continue to install new silver oxide button cell and lithium coin cell watch batteries as well as a small number of zinc air hearing aid batteries while you wait.

All of our batteries are mercury free and individually sealed for freshness. We test every battery we replace and never charge you a dime if a new battery is not needed or fails to get your watch running.